Personal Outreach

We believe that sharing our faith is a key component of being a good Christian. There are people throughout our community who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. At Neuse we provide numerous opportunities for people to share their faith and to reach others.


Our missions program supports missionaries around the world and allows them to reach those in need of the Gospel. Through Faith Promise giving our church family reaches people in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and the uttermost parts of the earth. You can donate to our missions program in person or by clicking “give” at the top of your screen.   

Here is a list of the current missionaries and missions projects supported by our church:

Foreign Missionaries

Allred, Tom - Retired

Andrews, Jennifer – Liechtenstein

Baker, Lloyd - Retired

Bankston, Guy - New Zealand

Barnes, Randy - Montana

Barthel, Kevin - Arizona

Basilan, Joel - Taiwan

Bennett, David - Deaf - SWM

Carpenter, Jenny - Ecuador

Coltrane, David - Philippines

Cottrell, Adam – Thailand

Domingos, Lorraine – Retired

Eberhard, Jim - Kenya

Freeman, Dan – Taiwan

Godfrey, Shirleen – Retired

Green, David - Taiwan

Greene, Robert - Peru

Gunter, Robert - Australia

Hall, Jeremy - South Africa

Heath, Dalton – Retired

Heaton, Jonathan – Great Britian

Herbster, Matt - Hong Kong

Hillhouse, Mike – Burkina Faso

Hong, Bernard - Australia

Hurst, Christopher - Philippines

Ivey, Mike – Korea

Junge, Jim - Furlough Relief

Kariuki Eustace – Kenya

Keefe, Dwayne – Australia

Kennedy, Mike – Peru

Kenney, Jason – Chile

Kiehling, Rickson – Pohnpei

Liles, David - Peru

Lingo, Craig - Columbia

McGhee, Glen - Ecuador

McCollum, Caleb - Germany

Meek, Maudie – Costa Rica

Moeller, Brent – South Africa

Patterson, Bill – Mongolia

Peedin, Ron - Lithuania

Patterson, Mike – Retired

Piatt, Bob - Japan

Santoso, Erwin - New Zealand

Shadle, Eric - Ethiopia

Shoaf, Joel - New Zealand

Simpson, Andy - Taiwan

Skinner, Lomax – Retired

Slobodian, Sam - Ukraine

Smothers, Joel - Brazil

Speights, David - Thailand

Spore, Steve - Vanuatu

Thatcher, Don - Ireland

Todd, Lynda – Retired

Unruh, Terry - Sri Lanka

Watkins, Joan – Retired

Waugh, Stuart - South Africa

Walter, Christopher - Japan

Waters, Lavon – Spain

Wells, Joe - Retired

White, David - Chile

Woods, Faye - Retired

Woodworth, Eric - Honduras

Wynn, Howard - Philippines

Wynn, John - Philippines

Young, Dan - Retired


Byrd, Willie – Charlotte, NC

Elwart, Jackie – Big Bear, CA

Martin, Russell – Rexburg, ID

Ries, Brian – Franklin, IN